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Dry Needling 


What is dry needling?

Dry needling is now a commonly used treatment technique by physiotherapists who undertake specialised training, either during University or at a course once they have graduated. 


Dry needling is used to treat muscular pain or myofascial dysfunction and has proven to be useful in reducing muscle spasm; inflammation and pain. It does this by eliciting a antihistamine response which increases blood flow and repair cell activation. As well as, desensitising the central nervous system and therefore acting as a "pain gate" for the other neurological messages flooding your system. Finally, it has also shown to have a "happy" affect through the release of endorphins and therefore, another way to decrease the pain to that particular area.

Currently, only Kristy and Lara are fully qualified to perform dry needling techniques and will only do so after a thorough physical and verbal examination and only where we deem it to be appropriate.