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We are so excited to be able to offer our virtual pilates classes. Now while this maybe a little bit of trial and error for the first few classes (we're so sorry if it all goes pear shaped!) we think we have it all sorted for you! 

We are going to be running our online pilates classes through a private Facebook page, where Kristy and Claire will be doing live pilates classes. We have looked at many options on how to be able to do the pilates classes with you and we feel this is the best way without us all having to download apps, create new accounts and learn something totally new!

Unfortunately we are unable to use our online booking portal for group sessions, so what you will have to do is fill out the form below and let us know your interest in joining our private facebook group for the classes. We will then send you an email back with payment details and invite you to join the group. If you have any questions at ALL please do give us a call. We are so sorry that our booking system for this may seem a little fiddly but it is the best we can do while trying to learn on the run!

In regards to payments our price is going to be $20 a week, which will be direct debited from your account on the same day each week. You also won't have to "join a class" as you will have UNLIMITED access to all the online pilates classes and can decide which one you are going to do that day. Kristy is going to add some stretching and mindfulness classes! We do have the timetable below so you know when each class will be starting! This means you can do as many or as little online classes as you want and all from the comfort of your home, winning!!

We can't wait to see you all!

Love The Fortitude Team

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