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After much thought and discussion, we have decided to re-open our doors, but on a smaller scale in keeping with the current Covid-19 restrictions.

We have discussed this decision with those in the public health department and as we are now seeing a decrease in the curve, we have been advised that re-opening and maintaining an essential service, is beneficial at this stage.
We will however monitor this situation daily and if that curve spikes, we will have to close again.

We will be open with the following strict measures:

  • One Physio in each clinic on set, reduced days, thereby reducing the risk of infection transmission

  • Maintaining our strict hygiene practices

  • Ensuring that each client is well enough to be in the clinic

  • And for now, continuing with online Pilates to ensure we are meeting the square metre rule as issued by the government


While we are all adjusting to these new ways of life and understand completely that some people may not feel comfortable coming into our clinic or can't for health reasons, we still want to be able to provide our patients with a great service. This is where TeleHealth comes in, you may have heard about this service on the news lately as this is something the government is advising our profession to use in regards to covid-19. In terms of Telehealth consultations, it’s pretty cool what we can do, which includes:
- An ability to assess your injury
- Offer self-treatment options for you to use during your this isolation period
- And means we can keep in touch and make sure you’re recovering from injury with our support. 

Whilst I still firmly believe in using our hands to assess and treat, Telehealth is a way for us to look after you. 


To get started with your telehealth, all you have to do is click the book now button below and it will take you to our online booking portal, you will need to select 'Teleconsult' in the drop down and then follow the steps to book your online consultation.


Once you have completed all the steps in the booking portal you will then be sent an appointment reminder text message, this message will have a link, you will click on the link just before your appointment time, it will ask for your name and an appointment ID (this is all in your text message) 


We do understand that this whole process can seem quiet daunting and a little overwhelming but we are here to help, so please do phone us (64527782) if you are having any problems starting your appointment.

You also don't need anything fancy to access the telehealth appointments (thank god!!) your phone, tablet (iPad) or laptop which ever you have is all you will need. 

We hope to see you all soon...virtually of course!!

Love the Fortitude Team 

Prices - Telehealth Appointments

Initial $55

Standard $50

You can still use health insurance, however you will have to claim this online yourself. We will send out tax receipts on request. 

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