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Women's  Health


Kristy is our specialised Women's Health Physiotherapist who has a genuine passion for helping women to achieve their best pelvic floor function, she believes that this a condition that should not be suffered in silence and too many women - young and old - do. 

Common symptoms which women report for these conditions often include:  


  • Awareness of prolapse or a feeling of vaginal “heaviness”

  • Leaking from the bladder or bowel - often when coughing, sneezing or laughing.

  • Urgency with needing to pass urine, or passing urine frequently during the day or night

  • Pain during intercourse

  • Constipation

  • Sharp pains in the pelvic or lower back regions. 

Women's Health Physiotherapy is a specialised field that requires intensive training and experience outside the usual scope of your normal physiotherapy training.
Kristy at Fortitude Physiotherapy is specifically trained in both professional external and internal examinations. Although, internal examinations are best practice, we understand that for some women this is too uncomfortable or too painful, as such we are able to utilise real time ultrasound to examine your pelvic floor without the need for an internal examination. We will assess your pelvic floor function by looking at a screen, just like when you have an ultrasound during pregnancy.

As we previously stated, an internal examination is the most optimal tool in assessing your pelvic floor, as we are able to check for prolapse; fibrotic muscles; specific pelvic floor weakness on particular sides, however we do understand the apprehension some women may feel initially, and although discussed in our first treatment session, an  internal pelvic floor examination would only be undertaken with your expressed consent.

Women's health is an uncomfortable topic for most women, which is understandable, but our aim is to make it something that we can all talk about without fear or embarrassment. You CAN improve the strength of your pelvic floor removing the need to rely on pads or protective underwear - so you can once again embrace your life.  Girl power!!